Basic information

The Department of Chemistry and Agrochemistry was among the first that have been established during the foundation of the Faculty of Agriculture in 1960. In 1972 the name of the department was changed to the Department of Chemistry. The teaching was aimed mainly at inorganic, analytical, organic chemistry and biochemistry. Till 1996 the department was located in the city, then the department has moved to a new building in the grounds of the Academy of Sciences in the University campus.

Soon after the foundation of the University of South Bohemia (1991), the Department of Chemistry extended its teaching activities for the Pedagogical Faculty, Faculty of Biological Sciences and Faculty of Health and Social Studies. About twenty courses are tought now. Following these changes the department was renamed to the Department of Applied Chemistry  in 2009.

List of teachers, who were employed in the department in the past inspiring generations of students:

prof. Jaroslav Bican, CSc. (1960 - 1990)
doc. Eva Burgerová, CSc. (1970 - 1993)
doc. RNDr. Jan Čipera, CSc.(1995 - 2000)
prof. Ing. Karel Drbal, CSc. (1964 - 2001)
RNDr. PhMr. Jaroslav Dudek (1962 - 1971)
Ing. Stanislav Gajdůšek, CSc. (1961 - 1969)
Ing. Zuzana Helclová (1991 - 1998)
Ing. Alena Lukavská (1991 - 1993)
doc. Ing. Ladislav Kolář, CSc. (1962 - 1972)
Ing. Michael Kroupa, CSc. (1976 - 1991)
Ing. Jiří Mitiska, CSc. (1960 - 1969)
Ing. Josef Staněk (1961 - 1976)
Ing. Josef Strada, CSc. (1964 - 1972)

Research and experimantal activities of the Department of Chemistry can be seen in the part: Research.